Friday, March 20, 2020

Today I would have been....

Today I would have been helping set up the title labels for the exhibition at the Carlton Gardens.... but the whole Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show was cancelled a week ago and we have all been running around ever since trying to figure what to do....

Hopefully there will be an online exhibition. It will be hard putting that together since sculpture is a matter of real presence.
A Silver Nutmeg and a Golden Pear (2018)
It's been a bit tricky getting work done lately - car out of action in the airbag saga and not going to be replaced because my dear little Honda is 22 years old... but irreplaceable... I suppose I'll be managing with car share for a while - I'm just nervous of that too while the 'rona is about.

So wash hands everyone - we'll get an online exhibition going and put on a better show on the other side of this world changing crisis.

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