Monday, April 25, 2011

Trip to Qdos

a duck swimming in the reflections
Qdos in Lorne is my idea of the best sculpture gallery in the state - so if Graeme is ok to put one of my pieces there I am soooo happy. And it is a beautiful place to visit. It's pretty civilised travelling by train and bus to Lorne - no troubles on the road and it would be pretty tiring driving there and back in a day. And the walk to the gallery wasn't that bad with a small sculpture in my bag.

Unto Us - Manchurian pear wood, 2010

So now "Unto Us" is gracing Qdos gallery. And I had a great day wandering in the sculpture garden and sitting by the dam, and then walking by the sea with my youngest... life is good.

Article in The Age

looking at this
I wonder if it's representative democracy that is the problem. When we vote on issues they have to be analysed and considered - when we vote for representatives we get professional politicians whose only aim is to stay in power - so we all lose track of doing what is considered right...... I like the bit about the pursuit of happiness - seek not and ye shall happen upon :-)