Saturday, March 13, 2010

Jasmine and Sven are engaged

We booked the barbecue area on Herring Island and of course Jasmine chose the weather - sunshine and perfect temperature. Our greeting to Herring Island was from the happy couple paddling the raft to take the more adventurous across to the island. That involved wet feet and lots of laughter.
Those of us with clothes not built for the adventure went on the Parks Victoria punt all the way around the island to the Burnley side landing - unfortunately for us the tide was low and the silt was high on the Como side so there was a long and arduous walk from the landing to the barbecue area.
The party was fun. Parents and grandparents mingled with friends and acquaintances and brothers, sisters and cousins were there in force. There were speeches - at the barest minimum and that was fun too. Jasmine isn't really that tall - there was a handy bench to stand on - she doesn't always hide behind a hat either - but that was the chance to get a picture of Sven. Congratulations both of you - and a long and happy life.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Well actually....

There's more to it than I thought and isn't that always the way.... the roof joists went in pretty fast..... but the posts weren't there for the carport - and you know they still aren't but the roofer came in anyway..... well now I can see what I'm getting - the light will be good... once the slab is in I can bring the kiln back and sort out where all the electricals will go... the excavator was handy - Ben used it for all sorts - with the roof part off he can go pretty much anywhere. So mine is the tightest site he's working on - but at least it's flat!

The garden is looking pretty sad with all the goings on - but still things manage to grow - like the lemon tree that Rohan bought for Christmas... and the bees are still working.. and the hydrangeas blooming. It will be great when it's done.