Friday, March 5, 2010

Well actually....

There's more to it than I thought and isn't that always the way.... the roof joists went in pretty fast..... but the posts weren't there for the carport - and you know they still aren't but the roofer came in anyway..... well now I can see what I'm getting - the light will be good... once the slab is in I can bring the kiln back and sort out where all the electricals will go... the excavator was handy - Ben used it for all sorts - with the roof part off he can go pretty much anywhere. So mine is the tightest site he's working on - but at least it's flat!

The garden is looking pretty sad with all the goings on - but still things manage to grow - like the lemon tree that Rohan bought for Christmas... and the bees are still working.. and the hydrangeas blooming. It will be great when it's done.

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