Friday, February 23, 2024

Small and Beautiful

ESPLAN.ART - in the evening glow
 A hot day, bushfires west of the city, wind and then a change - this is Melbourne yes? Drops of rain splatting on the windscreen, a flash of lightning, a cool breeze and then a glorious evening. There was a suitably complicated sky - any wonder with all that going on. So we celebrated - in a small way, the launch of Sioma's gallery ESPLAN.ART

I've got two small works - pride of place in the window - "Once Upon a Time" and "Protector" - I like to think they go well with the other work on show - work in bronze, precious stones and metals and some laminated wood.... and talking with eh guests and artists gathered - a privileged life in the face of the world's turmoil.

A complicated sky - bushfire smoke, wind, and different shapes of cloud sharing the same sky

Once Upon a Time - glass and redgum

Protector - glass and redgum

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