Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Clean coal? Clean diesel? Cheap electricity? I wonder

tangled wires - not what we consider safe
 Here are some cliches: "cheap and nasty", "quick and dirty" ... telling me that if you seek low price and instant gratification without regard to quality you may well be left unsatisfied. And you can't have it for nothing.
I take my washing machine for granted: it washes clothes and doesn't electrocute me. Pretty cool really. Behind that statement is lots of infrastructure built with safety and reliability in mind. Just because it's relatively cheap now doesn't mean the investment over time wasn't serious.

So why are we suggesting that there is a "moral case" for cheap (and nasty) electricity in countries where millions currently don't have electricity to their homes? Or maybe not even a settled home? It's a big job - it will take planning and preparation, evaluation of the whole situation and the use of appropriate technology to bring energy equity to the world - and keep it clean!

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