Sunday, June 17, 2012

Winter of Discontent

Well the casting took a long time - and an even longer time to summon up the courage to open the mould. In fact it's a pity I didn't open it sooner - there are a few cracks that may not have happened if the glass hadn't sat locked in for so long.

cast irises
What should have been three irises
Now it's time to get on with other work while I decide what to do - I've learned that:
  • casting three complicated waxes at once is too hard
  • letting the glass soak at top temperature for longer did work - the mould was full
  • leaving thin glass in the mould is silly - the petals on the thinner flower cracked and broke
  • having the glass too thin was silly
  • I'm going to make this work!

A nearly good enough iris - yet to cut off the pouring lines
The cutting and fitting to the sculpture is going to be a bit of a challenge too.

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