Saturday, December 19, 2009

At Last!

Well the work has started to build the studio - after all that time sorting out what we would do - getting the permits - twice - and an affordable price - well almost - but you get what you pay for in this world. After storing my things under tarpaulins for over a year it's not surprising there was a bit of damage - heartbreaking but so it goes. Moving the goods was the first step - and thank you Ben for the loan of the garage and under the house and yes kindness is helping me store stuff.

Then the demolition could start......
and they chose our first 39 degree day of the summer to work in.

Current building practice is impressive - hardly anything goes to landfill - recycle reuse... the bricks will be built into the new walls, the old doors will grace the new studio, the concrete broken up and recycled, timber reclaimed where possible - wow different to the days when it all went to the tip - out of sight and out of mind.

Then the phoenix can rise from the rubble and my kiln can come home and start work again. A work place of my own again. Joy!

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