Thursday, September 6, 2007

The Fall from Grace

Thinking about ideas in the Limits to Growth.. the authors were talking about the two revolutions: the agrarian where we stopped being hunter gatherers and became farmers and the industrial where most people work in or for factories. And now we need a sustainability revolution... 

The trouble is that the Fall from the Garden of Eden was the agrarian revolution - we never wanted to stop living in the Garden of Eden as hunter gatherers - the only reason we did so was because of population pressures. Just as we look at the more technologically simple time of our youth with nostalgia so we regard the past as a golden age. When we despise those living in poorer, simpler circumstances.... is it jealousy? Are we really tough on the aboriginals because they had so recently what we have lost long ago. Is this why we destroy them with all the forbidden fruit that modern man can throw?

But maybe we need to find a better way - to recover that which was lost and to enhance our relationship with the earth. Can technology do that too?

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